Sunday, December 23, 2007

Northwest expedition

Posted by Zach

I am spending the holidays in Seattle with my older brother who lives here. While staying, I had a chance to explore not only Seattle, but around the city as well... spent some time snowboarding in Steven's Pass and Mt. Baker.. lots of snow in the mountains and some really beautiful terrain.

While in Seattle, I made a point to visit the newly remodeled Seattle Museum of Art.. only had a chance to snap a couple of pictures.. they were pretty strict about not taking pics inside.. but a crazy installation right at the entrance.

Of all the other great work they were showing, this is the only other installation i could snap. It is entirely made of glass! Apparently, there is a pretty big glass art scene in the Northwest... Seattle, Portland, etc.. I think this exemplifies this.

At the museum, I met up with Robert Hardgrave. He is a Seattle based artist whose work I have been following for some time now.. It was great to meet up with him finally in person. He took me to his studio in the Ballard to see some of his new work in progress. He has an upcoming show at the soon to be disclosed new location of the Lineage Gallery.. Previously in Philadelphia, but soon to be moving to NYC under a new name, Lineage will certainly be blessed with the new work Robert is putting out.

The last place I tried to hit in the Ballard was OKOK gallery. Currently, they are dedicating the entire space to the new work of Grant Barnhart, another artist I have huge amounts of respect for.. Unforfunately, Grant was traveling at the time.. and the gallery was closed.. poo.


jensesma said...

love the mist/fog in the trees. beautiful, got to love the Pacific Northwest.

sophan said...

omg.......those landscapes are stunning!!!
so are robert and grants work!!!!!