Sunday, December 16, 2007


Posted by Zach

Working on these paintings for the last 2 weeks has really made me aware of how totally new and different oil painting is from watercolor. Because I'm playing with this entire new medium and it's variety of uses and application, I have been driven to reexamine other artists work I respect. I'm thinking, "How did they do it?" I thought I'd post some images of artworks that have always inspired me, but especially now are helping to shape how I am approaching this current body of work.
Damn, it's both inspiring and discouraging to see how amazing these artists are at their craft..

A long time favorite.. his drawings are unmatched and I really relate to his palette and application of paint.. Egon Schiele.
Sometimes his subject matter is a bit racy.. but hey, i'm open.

Also of course Schiele's teacher and predecessor, Gustav Klimt.. i like his style of clumping objects together in very basic shapes.. his flattening of space.. very angular and hard edged.. i can understand that coming from drawing.

Pablo Picasso.. basically a master of all types of painting style and philosophy.. i particularly enjoy the subdued colors, and sober characters of his Blue and Rose periods..

Salvador Dali.. just because he is insane.. I imagine he must have taken some heat for these paintings in his day.. they seem so pagan! I love that about these..

A more contemporary artist, Phil Hale. I mean, his subject matter, his ultra-dramatic lighting, his color.. it's all amazing. I can maybe venture a guess as to how he does it, but his work is completely out of question to me.. How do you get this good??

Lastly, an artist that's a bit closer to home for me.. Ralph Steadman.. altho probably a bit more removed from "oil painter" his style and energy has always attracted me.. plus his characters are spot on!

There are many, many more but I think I will leave them for a later date.. gotta get to painting..

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jon said...

it's really awesome to see the inspiration behind certain artist's styles. in this case, it really intrigues me because these guys (egon schiele and ralph steadman especially) are my major influences when it comes painting as well and yet comparing my work to yours is still so much different.

great post!