Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Tony's Studio in the BX & some progress shots

Posted by Tony

Here are a some shots of me in the studio getting down early October/November. It's a been very real thus far, the gang has really come together with our direction and the show looks to be heading for some serious illness.

My defense against the Dark Arts stance.

Jeezus Piece has been Rockin Hard lately but I've been having a friggin blast doing Judas......Peep the Technique.
Keep your eyes peeled ya'll The Trinity's got more on the way.


Tank Theory said...

damn dude, i need to see these bigger!

William Buchina said...

Peace to the God, these are off the spice rack my dude. While you keep it very crispy in the BX, I will continue to do my thingamajig here in Morocco, where shit is not always so sweet.

- Hemduallah!!!