Tuesday, December 11, 2007


Posted by Zach

Between work, I recently traveled to Argentina for 2 weeks - 4 days in Buenos Aires and almost the entire rest of the trip backpacking in various areas of the Patagonia region. Not only did I come back with some great experiences, but also some real inspiration for this show.. the entire time I traveled, i was drawing images in my mind of broken down cars spilling unchecked exhaust, knarly creatures existing in tangled bushes and old trees in the mountains, natural landscapes dotted with plastic bags and remnants from human activity. The weather in southern Argentina was wild and very windy.. it truly felt like you were on the edge of the earth.. like the weather could almost pick you up and toss you aside if it so chose. I think for that same reason, there was garbage strewn about almost everywhere. The wind would pretty much rip into and scatter everything that wasn't tied down or secured.

There is a lot to say about this trip and i can't say it all here.. Let these few images from the trip explain.

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