Monday, January 28, 2008

The Trinity Cometh

Posted by Zach

Less than 2 weeks now before the show and things are heating up. Drawing, painting, cutting, matting, framing, packing, shipping, calling, planning, paying.. it's coming down to the wire.. and it's all very exciting. The show opening is friday, february 8th, 2008. Whomever is in LA and the surrounding areas should come on through!

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

We Are Friends - Wrap Up

Posted by Zach

My good friend Dan recently held an art show of 13 artists in his apartment in Williamsburg, Brooklyn. Here are some pictures of the art and the event. Hope you enjoy. And if you like anything you see, you can get more info at And The Dragon

See the artwork from the show here:

Here are some of my photos from towards the end of the night. Apparently, I missed it, but you couldn't even squeeze through the space at 9pm or so. Apologies for the crappy photos..

I also picked up some artwork there myself. Dan gave me a great piece that I love. Basically, we both love hands.

And I bought this piece by Jeremiah Maddock that is totally awesome. He's does great work.

Monday, January 21, 2008

Space Transmission

I just got back from Boston, visiting my good friend Ricky. I was there for 3 days and it was 3 days of pure space transmission.

New Studio

Posted by Zach

I recently moved to a new apartment in Astoria, Queens. It is also serving as my studio. So what if there is no heat. So what if there is very little room to throw around paint or actually use it as a studio... so what if i'm getting paint all over my bed and the rest of my apartment.. so what if it's eye level with the N train outside and loud as hell... sometimes you gotta suffer right.. It's here that i'm going to toil away on these oil paintings and finish them!

Thursday, January 17, 2008

Instant inspiration.

Snack sized post by Marion

... I'll be back with the entree later.

Ashley Wood

Bela Lugosi

Cecilia Carlstedt

Barry Moser

John Galliano

Adam Amengual

Jamie young

Friday, January 11, 2008

We Are Friends

Posted by Zach

Saturday night. Williamsburg, Brooklyn. Our good friend Dan is holding an art show at his apartment/studio.. an art house party!

We Are Friends
Opening Reception: Saturday, January 5th, 2008; 6 - 11

119 North 7th Street,
Williamsburg, NY 11211


Daniel St. George is happy to announce his moving from
his Williamsburg studio into Manhattan. To celebrate,
he will be putting together a select group show
entitled We Are Friends; made up of local New York
artists whom Daniel has the pleasure of calling his
friends and family. The show will feature photos,
videos, installations, paintings, drawings and
sculptures, as well as, drinks and music.

Featured artists:

Areya Li
Asif Mian -
Beau Velasco
Bobby Friese -
Cheryl Kaminky
Daniel St. George -
Jeremiah Maddock
Joseph Aloi (JK5) -
Lizz Hickey -
Meena Kim -
Skewville –
William Gaynor -
Zach Johnsen -

The works will be on display for approximately one
week, and appointments can be made by contacting or calling 212.203.1412

Wednesday, January 9, 2008

The Space

Posted by Zach

My good friend Asif currently has a studio space in this gigantic art space in Long Island City, Queens aptly called "The Space". He has been working on a new canvas of his own and he invited me to come through and work with him. My response was, "hell yeah!" This place is huge and everybody who has a studio there works on huge pieces. I felt pretty stupid once I set up my little pieces of paper on the wall and proceeded to dab paint on them.. you can see in one pic, how tiny my stuff is. I have never wanted to paint, and paint large, more than right now..

We were there pretty late and no one else was around. While taking the opportunity to explore this behemoth, we stumbled upon this strange triangular stage type thing lined with gold and silver foil... very "Trinity" if you ask me.. an impromptu photo session ensued.

Tuesday, January 8, 2008


Posted by Zach

Been sketching a bunch for this show.. in random books, hashing out ideas what not.. thought i'd post this sketch comp - just for giggles.

and a couple sketches of works that will hang in the show..

Session 2

Posted by Zach

Tony, Marion, and myself all recently got together for another work session.. this time at Marion's home and studio in Sunnyside, Queens. I guess it was less of a work session, and more of a brainstorming on this collaborative mural we are going to be painting on the front Thinkspace gallery wall for the show. Regardless, some flix.

Tony handed me off his contribution to our collabo piece for the front wall.. just gotta tweak the color on this one a bit.. nice!

While I was there, I captured some of the work Marion has hanging around her house. See this pic below? These are some of Marion's more recent work.. See the piece on the right? That one is mine!

These 2 pieces below are collaborations with another super dope painter Stephen Holding, who also happens to be her boyfriend. I agree.. a lethal combination.

And yes this is ODB.. but what you don't know is that this is painted on velvet! Marion painted this one.

This is by a very talented painter and tattoo artist, Ben Peas, a friend of both of ours.