Wednesday, January 9, 2008

The Space

Posted by Zach

My good friend Asif currently has a studio space in this gigantic art space in Long Island City, Queens aptly called "The Space". He has been working on a new canvas of his own and he invited me to come through and work with him. My response was, "hell yeah!" This place is huge and everybody who has a studio there works on huge pieces. I felt pretty stupid once I set up my little pieces of paper on the wall and proceeded to dab paint on them.. you can see in one pic, how tiny my stuff is. I have never wanted to paint, and paint large, more than right now..

We were there pretty late and no one else was around. While taking the opportunity to explore this behemoth, we stumbled upon this strange triangular stage type thing lined with gold and silver foil... very "Trinity" if you ask me.. an impromptu photo session ensued.

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