Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Session 2

Posted by Zach

Tony, Marion, and myself all recently got together for another work session.. this time at Marion's home and studio in Sunnyside, Queens. I guess it was less of a work session, and more of a brainstorming on this collaborative mural we are going to be painting on the front Thinkspace gallery wall for the show. Regardless, some flix.

Tony handed me off his contribution to our collabo piece for the front wall.. just gotta tweak the color on this one a bit.. nice!

While I was there, I captured some of the work Marion has hanging around her house. See this pic below? These are some of Marion's more recent work.. See the piece on the right? That one is mine!

These 2 pieces below are collaborations with another super dope painter Stephen Holding, who also happens to be her boyfriend. I agree.. a lethal combination.

And yes this is ODB.. but what you don't know is that this is painted on velvet! Marion painted this one.

This is by a very talented painter and tattoo artist, Ben Peas, a friend of both of ours.

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